Atlanta is home to great Neuroscience Research and Public Education programs from many participating institutions. The goal of the Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (ACSfN) is to provide a forum for bringing together these resources.

The ACSfN sponsors Brain Awareness Programs in Atlanta. Teachers can request a scientist to visit their classroom. ACSFN Participating Institutions maintain a variety of Neuroscience Teaching Materials including Brains that may be used in outreach activities.

ACSfN News

Volunteers from GA Tech, Emory, and Georgia State came together on to represent ACSFN, CBN, and CTSN on Saturday, March 26, 2016 at the annual Atlanta Science Festival at Centennial Park. Despite the rainy day, thousands of people from all around Atlanta came out to see the booth entitled “Hey, You Touched My Brain!” where visitors could actually see and touch human brain specimens! Visitors also got the chance to compare what the human brain looked like to the brains of several other animal species. Come out again this year for your chance to ask your local neuroscientists about the mysterious and amazing brain.

ACSfN and Center for Behavioral Neuroscience member William Hopkins and his international collaborators, have received a grant to study the evolution of language. Read the whole story!