Atlanta is home to great Neuroscience Research and Public Education programs from many participating institutions. The goal of the Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (ACSfN) is to provide a forum for bringing together these resources.

The ACSfN sponsors Brain Awareness Programs in Atlanta. Teachers can request a scientist to visit their classroom. ACSFN Participating Institutions maintain a variety of Neuroscience Teaching Materials including Brains that may be used in outreach activities.


Classroom Visits by Neuroscientists

Each year, the Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience spreads the word about brain research to schools and the public. We coordinate visits from neuroscientists to Atlanta-area elementary, middle, and high schools, reaching thousands of students. Although we started out concentrating our efforts in March, which has been declared Brain Awareness Month, we now fill visitor requests year-round due to high demand. Interested teachers can request a classroom visit any time of the year.

Discoveries in neuroscience inform medical treatment, government policy and, increasingly, the way we live our daily lives. Would you like your students to learn about neuroscience firsthand from an actual scientist? Each year, our Brain Awareness campaign sends Atlanta area scientists into K-12 classrooms to present neuroscience-related lessons that reach thousands of local kids. Sign up here if you'd like one of our volunteers to visit your classroom and present a lesson on the brain and nervous system. Although in the past, most of our visits took place during Brain Awareness Month in March, we now send volunteers out year-round due to high demand.

Interested in implementing lessons on neuroscience in your own classroom? Use our website and others to plan a classroom activity or experiment that will fascinate your students. You can also borrow teaching aids from our Lending Library to use in your next neuroscience-related lesson.

To learn more about the national Brain Awareness Campaign, visit the Society for Neuroscience Brain Awareness page.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to e-mail us at Brain Awareness.