Atlanta is home to great Neuroscience Research and Public Education programs from many participating institutions. The goal of the Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (ACSfN) is to provide a forum for bringing together these resources.

The ACSfN sponsors Brain Awareness Programs in Atlanta. Teachers can request a scientist to visit their classroom. ACSFN Participating Institutions maintain a variety of Neuroscience Teaching Materials including Brains that may be used in outreach activities.

ACSfN Recommended Web Resources

The Brain Museum - A collection of brainimages from a wide selection of animal species. These visual aids would be great additions to a presentation on comparative anatomy.

BrainU - Originally intended for K-12 educators who want to introduce neuroscience in their classrooms, this website features lesson plans focusing on basic neuroanatomy, memory, and addiction, as well as instructions for brain dissections and other classroom activities.

Center for Behavioral Neuroscience - Although it features many educational materials that are also available in our Projects Menu, this website links to a number of classroom experiments that will prove useful to anyone planning a lesson on our amazing senses.

The Dana Foundation - The Dana Foundation launched the Brain Awareness campaign in 1996 and it's been growing ever since. This website features lesson ideas and teaching aids, as well as advice on how to plan an effective classroom visit.

National Institutes of Drug Abuse - A great resource for anyone planning a lesson on drug abuse or addiction. This website offers materials about drug abuse that educators, volunteers, and kids will find interesting and helpful.

Neuroscience for Kids - Dr. Eric Chudler's website is a collection of fun activities, lesson plans, handouts, and lesson ideas suited for a wide range of neuroscience topics. You can also provide this link to the kids you visit, since the website is full of articles and activities they can explore independently.

Society for Neuroscience - The SfN website offers a variety of lesson plans and materials for classroom visits, but it also features videos, tips and tools for making a successful Brain Awareness presentation.