Atlanta is home to great Neuroscience Research and Public Education programs from many participating institutions. The goal of the Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (ACSfN) is to provide a forum for bringing together these resources.

The ACSfN sponsors Brain Awareness Programs in Atlanta. Teachers can request a scientist to visit their classroom. ACSFN Participating Institutions maintain a variety of Neuroscience Teaching Materials including Brains that may be used in outreach activities.

2015 Atlanta Regional Brain Bee

2015 Brain Bee Participants and Volunteers
Atlanta Brain Bee Volunteers and Participants. Photo by Jessica Block.

On January 31st, 2015, the Atlanta Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (ACSfN) and the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience (CBN) hosted the 15th Annual Regional Brain Bee at Emory University. 21 students from 11 different schools in Georgia participated in the competition.

2015 Brain Bee WinnerFirst place went to Pranav Prabu, a senior from Chattahoochee High School, who will represent the state of Georgia at the 2015 U.S. National Brain Bee in Baltimore, Maryland. Second place went to Siri Choragudi, a junior, also from Chattahoochee High School, and third place to Anil Kotte, a junior from South Forsyth High School. The largest team was from Deerfield-Windsor School from Albany, GA.2015 Brain Bee Top Finishers

2015 Atlanta Brain Bee Winner.

Right: 2015 Top Three Finishers.

Photos by J. Block.

Neuroscience Demos

During the break, students and parents were able to participate in several fun and interactive Neuroscience demos, touch human brain specimen, experience the habituation effect after wearing prism goggles, and watch RoboRoach – a live cockroach being controlled by a phone app.

Left: Learning about the Brain. Top right: Touch the Brain. Bottom right: RoboRoach. Photos by J. Block.

The Competition

After the break and Neuroscience exhibits students, were ready for the Brain Bee oral round.

2015 Atlanta Brain Bee Oral Round. Photo by Jessica Block.

Brain Bee Workshop

Prior to the Brain Bee, on January 17th, 2015, the ACSfN and CBN hosted a workshop to prepare students for the competition. There were 17 participants – 16 students and one teacher. Curriculum included Brain Structures Jeopardy, Brain Bee Activity Stations, Lunch-n-Learn with guest speakers – past Atlanta Brain Bee winners: Dr. Yvonne Ogbonmwan and Ranjani Sundaresan, Q & A session, “Be the Doctor: Clinical Diagnosis” and Brain Facts Book Scavenger Hunt.

Brain Bee Workshop. Photo by Pawel Loj.

Atlanta Brain Bee Volunteers

The success of the Atlanta Regional Brain Bee events would not have been possible without the volunteer efforts of 28 graduate students, postdocs, faculty and staff from the ACSfN and CBN. Click here to read about the team members.

Leading the charge was Joanna Beugnon as the head coordinator. Ingrid Budreckas and Jamie LaPrairie took care of several administrative tasks. Publicity credits go to Joanna Beugnon and Allison Brager. Julianne Freeman was in charge of registration. Logistics were taken care by Anita Hasni, Phillip Price and Reagan Horack Koski. Kara Kittelberger and Aaron Roseberry prepared the written exams and oral questions. Emcee duo: Tom Hennessey and Ashley J. Sullivan led the oral round of the bee. Joseph Normandin, Dan Manvich and Liz Ann Amadei formed the judges committee. Jodi Godfrey, Danny Smith, Jacki Rorabaugh, Marisa Levy, Fu Hung Shiu, Rachel Stanford and Byron Gardner were running Neuroscience demos and exhibits. Now, Jamie LaPrairie and Mandakh Bekhbat are helping the 2015 Atlanta Brain Bee winner, Pranav, get ready for the U.S. National Brain Bee. Brain Bee workshop preparation credits go to Stacy Dutton, the coordinator and lead instructor, Anita Hasni, Varun Saravanan, Jessica Block, Danny Smith, Marisa Levy and Johnny Garretson, the workshop instructors and helpers.

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Brain Bee Workshop, 1/17/2015, by Pawel Loj
2015 Atlanta Regional Brain Bee, 1/30/2015, by Jessica Block